3 Reasons to Get Into Indoor Cycling After the Holiday Season

indoor cyclingDid you gain a little bit of weight over the holidays like the majority of Americans? Maybe your New Year’s Resolution is to lose a few pounds and get in shape. But you hate gyms, and you don’t like lifting weights.

If this sounds familiar, then indoor cycling is perfect for you. Indoor cycling is fun and new, which are great qualities to have in a workout routine. Recent research studies show that cycling for 30 minutes on a daily basis can help you burn up to 11 pounds of fat over the course of a year. If you still need a reason to join one of these awesome group fitness classes, here are three.

Easy on Your Joints
Indoor cycling is a low impact exercise that is great for someone who might have bad knees, for example. You still get a great, high-intensity workout, despite the fact that it is low impact. Cycling also strengthens quad muscles, which is a major benefit for those with knee problems.

Dual Action
When you’re cycling, you are performing two different types of exercises at once — strength and cardio. And you can burn between 500 and 900 calories per 60-minute indoor cycling session. The resistance can be adjusted on the machine to increase the intensity of the workout. While you are burning calories, you are also building up your endurance. The higher your resistance, the more your endurance will increase.

You Can Do It Anywhere
The beauty of indoor cycling is that very little equipment is required. All you need is a stationary bike. And unlike outdoor cycling, you don’t need a helmet, special cycling shoes, or an air pump in case of a flat tire. All you have to do is show up to class, get on your bike, and enjoy the ride.

If you are looking for a new way to shake off that holiday weight or to meet your New Year’s resolution, try indoor cycling. It’s fast, convenient, safe, and just an all-around great way to exercise.

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