Introducing PiYo at CycleYOU!

Mary Beth is a local runner and triathlete who has been working out at CycleYOU since the first test rides! She was also working out at FIT from the start at the Romany location – where she first tried PiYo. Now you can find her most often on the computrainer or in FIT Fusion. MB turned to PiYo to balance out all the running and cycling. PiYo’s combination of faster paced yoga stretching with traditional strength moves, and the learnable format, made this a training necessity! PiYo helps your body do everything else better. She loved it so much, she decided to be an instructor and teaches at Pivot Brewing and is super excited to bring PiYo back to CycleYOU! This is a 6 week class starting Tuesday July 11 @6pm. Sign up and Try PiYo, yo!


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