What Is Barre? What To Know About Your New Favorite Fitness Class

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What Is Barre? What To Know About Your New Favorite Fitness Class

barre classesChances are you’ve heard of barre classes. Between 2013 and 2015, barre grew by 141%, and nearly one third of the fitness industry is offering some sort of barre class in their group fitness scheduling. If you have been waiting to try this class out, but are unsure what to expect, check out this simple guide. Then all you need to do is show up.
  1. Barre derives from ballet Barre takes ballet moves, and a bar of course, and combines them with yoga and pilates. Basically, you focus on small muscular movements, balance, and control to tone the whole body. Your instructor will help you find the right form to get the most out of your workout, similar to a dance class.

  2. Your abs will feel it To effectively hold poses and make small repetitions, you will need to engage your core. Even when you are not directly targeting your abs, they will get a little boost with every move. And by tightening your core throughout the whole class, you can improve your form and stability.

  3. The class isn’t all on the bar Some of the barre class will be spent on the floor doing abdominal and arm strengthening exercises. Your warm up and cool down may also be off the bar. Remember that every class is different, so get ready for variety and challenge with every sequence.

  4. You’ll get the hang of it eventually Barre classes are unlike many other exercise experiences. These group fitness classes challenge your body and engage muscles that you may not often use. While the class might be challenging at first, be sure to stick with it. You will be a pro in no time.

  5. Barre classes are a blast Trust us. You’ll have fun. Barre classes are different from typical gyms, since they combine various types of exercise and are intended to be enjoyable. You can also meet some other fitness enthusiasts in the class, giving you even more reasons to come back.
From celebrities to your chatty coworker, everyone is talking about barre — and for good reason. This fitness class will hook you from the first moments, making you feel strong and confident. Sign up today and get ready for the boost of a lifetime.

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Move Your Asana: The Many Benefits Of Yoga

fitness classesWhether you are a cycling class devotee or a TRX training maven, you might be looking to shake up your workout. For wellness enthusiasts of all types, yoga can be the missing ingredient to your fitness routine. Since 75% of yoga participants also partake in other forms of exercise, these unique fitness classes are a great addition to your workouts. If you need a little more convincing, this guide will teach you some of the many benefits of rolling out your mat. Physical Benefits With every yoga pose, you will target multiple muscle group and engage your body in a whole new way. This offers numerous physical benefits.
  • Muscle Strength: There is a reason to stick it out through a full vinyasa flow sequence. Yoga classes tone your muscles using your own body weight, keeping you strong in all aspects of your life.

  • Flexibility: While you might not feel bendy at first, you will notice your muscles loosening with every class. Flexibility is an important addition to any fitness regimen.

  • Pain Relief: For those who suffer from chronic pain, yoga may provide some much-needed relief. These classes are low impact and allow modifications, allowing you to loosen and align your body.

  • Improved Balance: Since yoga strengthens your core, you may notice an improved sense of balance as you go about your daily life.
Mental And Emotional Benefits In addition to all of the physical benefits, yoga can also offer a boost to the mind.
  • Lowered Anxiety: Several studies have found that a regular yoga routine can help control anxiety. This practice calms that mind and brings a sense of mental control.

  • Sharpened Attention: Even after your first yoga class, you will likely experience a boost in mental clarity and attention span.

  • Improved Brain Function: Yoga is all about moving with your breath and focusing on the moment, and this concentration can sharpen function during cognitive tasks.

  • Self-Awareness: This practice builds physical and mental awareness. This can help you be more in tune with your health and other types of wellness.
In addition to other fitness classes, yoga is a wonderful opportunity to learn about your body and boost overall wellness. Once you step out of your first class, you will feel this boost and carry on throughout your day a little more elevated. And if you would rather just hand in shavasana all d

Sweat It Out: How Exercise Helps Stress Relief

cycling studioThere is nothing quite like an afternoon workout to de-stress after a long day. Sweating it out at CycleYOU might be your therapy of choice, but you should know the calming power of exercise is far from theoretical. Years of research have found that sweating it out has a true psychological impact on you — changing your brain chemistry for the better.

“When stress affects the brain, with its many nerve connections, the rest of the body feels the impact as well,” according to the Anxiety And Depression Association of America. “So it stands to reason that if your body feels better, so does your mind. Exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins—chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers—and also improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress.”

With so many brain-boosting benefits, you would think that everyone would keep up with their workout routine. Unfortunately, less than 5% of adults get the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity each day, and only one in three adults get the right amount of weekly exercise.

How can I get motivated to exercise?
If you are inspired to use exercise as a stress-relieving tool but are trying to find the motivation, consider the following tips.
  • Have fun
    Number one rule for CycleYOU!! Working out should not feel like a chore. Find a fitness experience that you genuinely enjoy and stick with it. This way, you will feel motivated by the sheer joy of the workout.

  • Schedule your workouts
    You wouldn’t skip a professional meeting that is in your calendar, right? Then you should schedule your workouts the same way.

  • Keep your routine interesting
    Shake up your routine! Alternate between yoga, TRX training, and indoor cycling. This way, each workout experience is fresh and exciting.

  • Make fitness friends
    By turning gym acquaintances into real friends, you can hold each other accountable to your workouts. And sharing your favorite exercise experiences can also turn into your catch-up time.
As you motivate yourself to workout, remember the benefits of sweating. You will be a more well-rounded and healthy person if you stick to an exercise routine. Whether you find solace in cycling studios or on yoga mats, your mental and physical health will thank you for making the commitment.

5 Tips For Your First Indoor Cycling Class

cyclingTrying an indoor cycling class for the first time? Good choice. You are making a commitment to a healthier, more energized life. Studies show that a moderately intense indoor spin class three times per week stimulates dopamine production, boosts energy levels by about 30%, and decreases fatigue by up to 65%. But what should you know for your first class? Your CycleYOU Motivator will explain the basics, but the following tips can help get you started on your cycling journey.
  1. Get ready to sweat Spin classes are sweaty, so be sure to dress for an intense workout. Wear moisture-wicking workout clothing and good news, CycleYOU will provide a towel for you. Most importantly, bring plenty of water. You’re going to need it.

  2. Make sure you get a proper bike fit At CycleYOU we specifically train our Concierge staff to fit you to the bike before class, making sure we have accommodated any injuries or issues. We then write those fit measurements down so you can reference them for your next class. Always give yourself 15 -20 minutes before your first class so this fitting process isn’t rushed. When your seat and handlebars are at the correct height, you can keep your body in alignment during the class. This will help prevent injury, particularly in your knees. Your instructor can show you how to fit your bike properly for your next class.

  3. Listen to your CY Motivator Some people may be tempted to create their own workout during the class, but there is a reason the Motivator is there. As with a yoga class or other type of group fitness session, the Cy Motivator will lead the class with purpose. It’s their job to warm you up, challenge you, and cool you down. Trust their process.

  4. Make adjustments as needed Your Motivator will tell you to turn your resistance up and down, and while you should do so, be sure to keep your ability in mind. For your first class, you might not choose to turn your knob as high as the rest of the class. The iMotivator may also give alternatives to every new challenge, so feel free to try these out.

  5. Push yourself You are stronger than you think you are. Don’t be afraid to be out of breath. Your body will thank you later for giving your workout that extra push.
By entering your first cycling class with an open mind and an appetite for a challenge, you can finish the workout feeling stronger and more motivated than ever. Chances are after a short recovery, you’ll be ready for another class. Your bike will be waiting.

Get Moving: Finding The Ideal Fitness Class For You

yogaIs “try a fitness class” still sitting on your to-do list? If this fitness goal has been waiting dormant for months, your uncertainty about making a change may be getting the best of you. But now is the time to take the leap and become a healthier version of yourself. By finding the right fitness class, you can then find the motivation to commit. After all, showing up is the hardest part. So, which group exercise option is right for you? This guide will help you match your wellness goals to your ideal fitness class. The truth is though that finding a facility that offers all options in one place is ideal, because research shows us that do a combination of cardio and strength is the quickest and most effective way to get in the best shape for you! Oh, and one more thing make sure you are having fun in each experience. If it’s motivating & fun you are more likely to stick with! Consistency is the key! Your Goals: Energy, Overall Fitness Your Class: Cycling Indoor cycling is a high-energy, fun fitness solution for people of all levels. Through a combination of speed and resistance training, your cycling instructor will get your legs burning with every song. Be ready to sweat and become part of the tight-knit cycling community Your Goals: Strength, Resilience Your Class: TRX Training Known for its intensity and incredible strengthening promises, TRX uses suspension trainers and a variety of other tools to help you reach your fitness goals. This class is generally suited for more advanced exercisers and is a great way to shake up your gym routine. Your Goals: Toning, Strength Your Class: Barre Inspired by ballet, barre classes will tone your entire body and challenge you in new ways. Whether using a bar or fitness balls as a prop, you can expect to work your lower and upper body through a series of challenging exercises. This class also has elements of yoga and pilates, so you will be bending and moving the whole time. Your Goals: Flexibility, Body Awareness, Less Stress Your Class: Yoga Boasting 36.7 million participants in the U.S. alone, yoga classes have taken the wellness industry by storm. A great low-impact option, these classes will improve flexibility, posture, core strength, and body awareness, all while calming you down. Start with a foundations class to learn the basics and watch yourself grow from there. By joining a group fitness class, you are joining other exercisers like you who are working toward a healthier lifestyle. As you build relationships and see fitness results, you will be sure to come back week after week. Your body and mind will thank you for the commitment.

Get a taste of Ecuador with Reina!

I was in Ecuador for the month of February, backpacking with my uncle. He went to learn Spanish, and since I am fluent I decided to tag along. We love hiking and outdoor adventure so climbing mountains was one of our top priorities. We started out in Quito, Ecuador’s capital, for a few days before heading to Quilotoa to trek the Quilotoa Loop trails, which include a beautiful lagoon within a crater. The entire loop takes about 4 days, with lengthy bus rides on each end of the trek to get to the trails. After the loop, we headed south and explored cities like Baños with its mountains, Rio Bamba with its volcano Chimborazo, and then we spent a week in Cuenca. While my uncle took Spanish classes and I explored art galleries, coffee shops, book stores, and yoga studios. My uncle is a yoga instructor and I am a practicing yogi myself, so throughout our entire trip we tried out a bunch of yoga studios and the different classes/types of yoga/styles they offered. Cuenca, we decided, had the best yoga. Then we headed west to Las Cajas National Park for more hiking and thermal baths/hot springs before making our way to the coast. Here we stayed in Puerto Lopez, and lounged on the beaches of Montañita before taking an hour boat ride to Isla de la Plata, a small island sometimes referred to as “mini Galapagos.” We went snorkeling (a first for me) and befriended blue-footed ducks that inhabit the island. We headed back inland towards Quito, making a final stop in Mindo to explore its famous waterfalls.



Quilotoa: The crater rim was one of the hardest climbs I’ve ever done. At 4,200 meters in altitude I had my first-ever struggle with altitude sickness: intense pressure headaches and constant nausea. I was ill for about three days from it, making me climb at my slowest pace yet. But fortunately I was able to take my time, but I really struggled with accepting that I just could not go as fast as I am accustomed to climbing. Generally I feel very in tune with my body; I’m often sure I know what my body is trying to tell me, what needs haven’t been met and what I need to do to always treat my body with care. My body is my armor. I am so grateful to be in general good health, that allows me to travel and attempt these climbs. So I had to keep reminding myself of this gratitude while facing the challenge of feeling insufficient because I couldn’t keep up. Before leaving for Ecuador, I was trying to participate in at least one class a day at CycleYou to help prepare my body as much as possible. I did several cycling classes a week to help me with cardio training, and to develop a positive dialogue with myself that kept my determination strong even as I was ready to quit. I took yoga classes to work on my breathing and continue that dialogue with myself in a different setting. I took barre and TRX classes that worked my micro-muscles and deep tissue to get my body accustomed to all types of activity and improve my balance. And I dabbled with boxing classes to give my arms and core extra attention. All of this was in an attempt to get myself as strong and prepared as I could for my trip, where I knew I would be working muscles of all sizes and challenging all parts of my body. But altitude sickness is not a result of lack of fitness or preparation. It affects everyone differently and at different altitudes, regardless of other health factors. Needless to say, the thinner air and lower oxygen levels did not care how strong I was or how many exercise classes I’d taken beforehand. It decided to kick my ass anyway. But there was no use in getting frustrated with myself or being grumpy about not feeling my best. I was in a beautiful place, on an amazing adventure, and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from enjoying every ounce of it. So I took breaks from climbing as I needed them, and I meditated. I visualized my pain and imagined it leaving my body in various ways like melting from my skin, peeling from my face, or evaporating from my stomach. Though I hadn’t had much experience with meditation before this trip, I am a firm believer in mind-over-matter. So I focused all of my mental energy and power on visualizing that pain and letting it go. It was extremely difficult for me to focus, and it took a lot of patience for me to keep it up. But each moment that I paid attention, even though it only lasted a moment, I felt no pain. So one moment at a time, I focused on this exercise until finally I started feeling better. After that, a whole new sense of accomplishment carried me through the remainder of the climbs. I wasn’t miraculously recovered, but the self-love that I had given myself, being gentle with my body and careful with my emotions, was such a gift. Probably the most challenging trek I’ve ever hiked. Definitely the most peaceful I’ve ever felt. Everything I gained on a personal level was extremely rewarding.

After the climbs we took a break from the elevation and hiked down to the lagoon and kayaked across the water.

Then we climbed some more.

In Baños we went canyoning, which is basically just rappelling down waterfalls backwards. And then I jumped off a bridge, tied to a bungee chord, free-falling a few hundred feet to the water below.


Las Cajas Parque Nacional:

Introducing PiYo at CycleYOU!

Mary Beth is a local runner and triathlete who has been working out at CycleYOU since the first test rides! She was also working out at FIT from the start at the Romany location – where she first tried PiYo. Now you can find her most often on the computrainer or in FIT Fusion. MB turned to PiYo to balance out all the running and cycling. PiYo’s combination of faster paced yoga stretching with traditional strength moves, and the learnable format, made this a training necessity! PiYo helps your body do everything else better. She loved it so much, she decided to be an instructor and teaches at Pivot Brewing and is super excited to bring PiYo back to CycleYOU! This is a 6 week class starting Tuesday July 11 @6pm. Sign up and Try PiYo, yo!

Funky & FIT Class

BIO: Jason Mitchell, has been involved in the world of musical theatre and dance since the age of 6.  He has been seen in regional productions and has toured both nationally and internationally performing as both a singer and dancer.  Locally, Jason has been a fixture in the annual production of “Grand Night for Singing” at the Singletary Center. Most recently, Jason can been seen on the floors of Dance Super Nationals, Just Dance and Bella Moxi dance conventions as he emcees these competitions involving dancers from across the country as well as dancers from the popular “So You Think You Can Dance” show on television. Jason’s involvement in the world of all-star cheer and dance spans several years and has taken him all across the U.S. and to Europe allowing him to work alongside some of the country’s most elite dance and cheer personalities.  

Resolutions Vs Intentions

It’s a new year. Most if not all of us feel the need to evaluate our lives every time the ball drops at midnight. I am no exception.  What comes to mind? Resolutions.  That word is so strong, so permanent, so resolute. It occurs to me my life has never been that secure, that sure,  that permanent.  Are any of our lives really that way? My life changes day to day. There is rain and sun, challenges and triumphs, good news and bad news, sometimes all in one morning. No, resolutions are not for me. I need more flexibility than that. Intentions. Intentions are more my style. I can have my best life visualized, I can intend to be kind to myself, I can intend to be kinder to others, even to those who are not on my side, I can intend to be more in the moment, more accepting of life.  Intentions can become reality, but also allow for those days and moments when I won’t measure up. When I lose my cool, when I am definitely NOT my best self. Instead of going down the rabbit hole of self- shame because I didn’t measure up, intentions allow me the understanding that it’s an ongoing process. That is the key. You don’t fail an intention. You just keep trying toward it. Intentions even get stronger especially when you misstep but still keep going. Some days you will trip, some you will trod, some you will walk,  and some you will have the wind in your hair as you run. How exhilarating!
So one intention for me for 2016. Take a day off. For the past three- years I have worked almost everyday, even on vacations. What I know for sure is if I keep this up, I won’t be any good to anyone. So it’s my intention to take one day a week. Sunday is Now MY day, for whatever and wherever my whims take me. I stand a better chance of being my best self on the other days if I take one day for me. I know you might be in a panic we will lose Super Soul Sunday every other week, we won’t cause I’m making it Super Soul Saturday!! Every other week on Saturday 9:30 AM I will rock Super Soul with you! 
As we move forward together, I challenge you to set your own intentions. And I hope one of them is to take a day for you. One day where YOU come first. You may stay in bed, read a book, choose a hike or a movie. Life needs joy to expand. You work hard.  Now take a day to be joyful and celebrate the fruits of your labor. Why are we working so hard, if we don’t experience the joy???

CycleYOU®…Where are we growing?!

noelle_backgroundAs many of you may have heard, today CycleYOU® officially announced franchise opportunities! Please read our local and national press releases below. For more information and interest in owning a CycleYOU® franchise, please visit CycleYOU® Franchising National Press Release Local Press Release