Art Matters!

Did You Know CycleYOU Has an Art Wall Supporting Local Artists?!?!?

Art is the one true great connector in a world that seems to be very unconnected.

So take a moment, take a look, be wowed, be provoked, and be inspired.

Wylie Caudill

Art Curator


Wylie is going to bring in new art for our gallery every quarter/season from different local artists! He is also working on a building revamp & mural work! Caudill studied broadcasting and electronic media at Eastern Kentucky University. After working on several movies being filmed in Kentucky, he realized he wanted to do more! He started making chalk drawings around his campus and they became very popular with the students. Caudill started tagging his work on Instagram and his followers quickly grew! After graduating, he began working for Kentucky for Kentucky. In 2019, he was assigned to paint a rainbow mural outside of the company’s warehouse and now has been contacted by other companies to help them with their murals!

Janet Dake

Winter 2022 Featured Artist


Janet Dake is a visual artist from Versailles, KY. She primarily works with oil paints, focusing her subject matter on portraiture and the human figure. In addition to oil painting, Dake creates wearable art and is a muralist.

Get in Touch With Janet!
Instagram: @janetdakestudios
Phone: (859) 753-4858