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What’s New at CY!

CycleYOU is always offering new promotions to excite our existing and prospective clients, and reward clients for key accomplishments! We love having contests, interactive social media promotions, offering new classes, and doing everything we can to meet your needs.

Overall Summer Sweat Challenge Winners!


Taylor Ritchie 1608.5 Sheila Bayes Jewelry
Sara Bargeron 1450.6 $100 Bella Rose Gift Card
Kim Bowles 956.7 $50 Athleta Gift Card
Fran Rohlfing 915.7 $50 Athleta Gift Card
Ted Brittain 824.8 Bourbon Gift Basket
Katie Ward 818.1 Lexington Salt Cave Gift Bag
Beth Masengale 803.3 30 Min. Sauna Session
Kelli Corcoran 758.1 30 Min. Sauna Session
Cathy Pennington 737.4 30 Min. Sauna Session
Ashley Wettstain 721.6 30 Min. Sauna Session
Steve Rohlfing 699.8 30 Min. Sauna Session
Quincy Hernandez 684.4 30 Min. Sauna Session
Caitlin Courtney 667.8 30 Min. Sauna Session
Alex Flora 658.3 30 Min. Sauna Session
Stephanie Biddle 654 30 Min. Sauna Session
Holli Gibson 642 30 Min. Sauna Session
John Mark Hack 593.1 CY Branded Shirt
Cate Clay 563.6 Appetizer (Suggins/BLVD/Tulip)
Susan Wallace 552 $15 House Gift Card
Erin Thompson 538.5 $15 House Gift Card
Mary Patton 513.9 $15 House Gift Card
Katie Shannon 510.1 $15 House Gift Card
Amy Rogers 508.6 $15 House Gift Card
Katie Weddington 506.1 $15 Athleta Gift Card
Alexis Henry 484.1 $15 Athleta Gift Card

Special Thanks To Our Prize Sponsors!

Take Jenny’s Class!

CycleYOU 45 both Tuesdays at 4:30 pm and Saturdays 8:30 am!

UK Football Game!

Game @ 7pm Sat. Wear blue to the studio to be entered in for a 10 class package at the end of the season!


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