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What’s New at CY!

CycleYOU is always offering new promotions to excite our existing and prospective clients, and reward clients for key accomplishments! We love having contests, interactive social media promotions, offering new classes, and doing everything we can to meet your needs.

Summer Sweat Challenge!

Earn miles for each class you take! Miles will automatically be assigned for all FIT classes and Cycle classes are determined on your ride. At the end of each week and month, we will announce winners! Overall winners will be announced at the end!

Week 2 Top 25 Winners
(6/7 through 6/13)

FIRST LAST Weekly Total Prize
Taylor Ritchie 106.3 10CY$ + CY Hat
Ted Brittain 98.1 10CY$ + Yoga Towel
Kim Bowles 86.7 10CY$ + Socks
Katie Ward 83.9 10CY$ + Ponya Band
Katie Weddington 81.9 10CY$ + CY Towel
Caitlin Courtney 81.7 5CY$
Madison Syndor 73.7 5CY$
Hannah Hunter 69.8 5CY$
Cate Clay 66.5 5CY$
Fran Rohfling 66 5CY$
Bella Flora 65.3 5CY$
Ashley Wettstain 64.7 5CY$
Alex Flora 67.7 5CY$
Steve Rohfling 59.8 5CY$
Katie Shannon 59.4 5CY$
Kelli Corcoran 59 5CY$
John Mark Hack 59 5CY$
Addison Henry 58.7 5CY$
Stephanie Biddle 58 5CY$
Amy Willis 56.7 5CY$
Beth Masengale 56.7 5CY$
Brianna Crouse 54.4 5CY$
Caroline Keating 54 5CY$
Maddie Clinch 53.5 5CY$
Presley Gookin 51.2 5CY$

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