Whether you are a cycling class devotee or a TRX training maven, you might be looking to shake up your workout. For wellness enthusiasts of all types, yoga can be the missing ingredient to your fitness routine. Since 75% of yoga participants also partake in other forms of exercise, these unique fitness classes are a great addition to your workouts. If you need a little more convincing, this guide will teach you some of the many benefits of rolling out your mat.

Physical Benefits With every yoga pose, you will target multiple muscle group and engage your body in a whole new way. This offers numerous physical benefits.

  • Muscle Strength: There is a reason to stick it out through a full vinyasa flow sequence. Yoga classes tone your muscles using your own body weight, keeping you strong in all aspects of your life.
  • Flexibility: While you might not feel bendy at first, you will notice your muscles loosening with every class. Flexibility is an important addition to any fitness regimen.
  • Pain Relief: For those who suffer from chronic pain, yoga may provide some much-needed relief. These classes are low impact and allow modifications, allowing you to loosen and align your body.
  • Improved Balance: Since yoga strengthens your core, you may notice an improved sense of balance as you go about your daily life.

Mental And Emotional Benefits. In addition to all of the physical benefits, yoga can also offer a boost to the mind.

  • Lowered Anxiety: Several studies have found that a regular yoga routine can help control anxiety. This practice calms that mind and brings a sense of mental control.
  • Sharpened Attention: Even after your first yoga class, you will likely experience a boost in mental clarity and attention span.
  • Improved Brain Function: Yoga is all about moving with your breath and focusing on the moment, and this concentration can sharpen function during cognitive tasks.
  • Self-Awareness: This practice builds physical and mental awareness. This can help you be more in tune with your health and other types of wellness.

In addition to other fitness classes, yoga is a wonderful opportunity to learn about your body and boost overall wellness. Once you step out of your first class, you will feel this boost and carry on throughout your day a little more elevated. And if you would rather just hand in shavasana all d