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Ignite Your Wellness from Within

CycleYOU is proud to offer you this fantastic opportunity to detox, reenergize, and rejuvenate your body using the age-old sauna practice combined with the modern science of infrared technology and color light therapy to transform your health and wellness. Our opulent private suites will relax your mind and soul.

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  1. Infrared Saunas can provide types of heat and light waves that can penetrate deeper into the body and can help heal deep tissue.
  2. Research has shown Infrared heat can help treat chronic health problems, especially when used in conjunction with good nutrition, sleep, and massage.
  3. Infrared saunas appear safe for almost anyone; however, if you have had a heart attack, contact dermatitis, or neuropathy on your hands and feet, you are encouraged to speak to your physician before use. If you would like to learn more about who shouldn’t sweat, click here.
  4. Our Sunlighten Solocarbon Infrared Therapy Domes measure 28 inches wide (think lying down outside of the arm to the outside of the other arm) and 18 inches at its highest point (lying down think 18 inches from the floor up). The solo pads accommodate those up to 6’2″ tall.
  5. Staying properly hydrated during the sauna experience is important.

CycleYOU Sauna Pricing

First Sweat


30 Minute Single Sweat


40 Minute Single Sweat


30 Minute Tandem Sweat


40 Minute Tandem Sweat


CycleYOU Member Pay in Full Sauna Pricing

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Unlimited Annual

Sauna Only One Month

Unlimited – No Contract


10 Sweat Series


20 Sweat Series


Autopay Options (Sauna Only)

4 Sweats per month

3 Month Commitment

8 Sweats per Month

3 Month Commitment

3 Months Unlimited

3 Month Commitment

6 Month Unlimited


12 Month Unlimited


Autopay Options (Sauna / Fitness Combo)

Fitness Unlimited

+4 Sweats

Fitness Unlimited

+8 Sweats

Unlimited Fitness

Unlimited Sweats

Student (ages 11-21) & Senior (ages 75+) Pricing

8 sweats

No Expiration
Must Buy In Person with Valid ID

Unlimited Classes & 4 Sweats

3-Month Commitment
Must Buy In Person with Valid ID

Gift Certificate

Give the Gift of Sweat with a CY Sauna Gift Certificate!
*Memberships are set-up as automatic payments. 3-month minimum, 30 day written termination notice required for cancellation. No monthly rollovers. Early termination fee of $150.

*Unlimited sweats are 1 sweat per day.

Want more details about the health benefits of Infrared from our partners at Sunlighten?

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