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CycleYOU® began as a workout designed to combine indoor cycling with a mind, body, spirit connection fueled by inspirational and energizing music. It was created because its’ founder, a true ‘exercise denier’, knew exercise was a should, even a must, but never found a place where she felt she wanted to exercise; where it felt fun, motivating or inclusive to every body type, gender, socieconomic status or closet introvert!

Today, CycleYOU is so much more. We offer cycling, fusion strength training, barre, box2beat, and yoga. It’s a cliche today to say it… but we started by being an inclusive community, today we still are a community, an exprience. CycleYOU is the anti-gym. We create and convert people to being fitness enthusiasts. We welcome those already mastering their journey & those just starting.

Since 2012, our growth proves there is a space for everyone from ‘the already kicking-ass fit ‘to the ‘I want to be fit, but group fitness intimidates the hell out of me’!
Our classes are semi-dark with lighting desgined to help you put away the world or focus on facing it. At CycleYOU you only compete with your own vision of your best selves.
We know there are a lot of us out ther who ‘want’ to want to exercise. CycleYOU inspires us to be that person, in a place where we feel safe and loved.

Our workouts are ‘tough’, but tough on our own individual levels. Our class experiences are unique because we train our Motivators to challenge and meet every level of fitness.
There is no ‘pass’ here, after all; change is hard, messy, sweaty and difficult, but it’s way better than being stuck at a point in your life where you feel you don’t belong.

While we would love every community to have a CycleYOU, we only want authentic partnerships which truly put human kind before profit. We do not search for or want to sell someone or convince them of our mission. Potential partners need to see it for themselves and want it for their community.
We want to be profitable, profit allows us to continue to reach people who need us most. Profit has a big seat at the table. However, CycleYOU makes every decision with our clients and teams’ potential before profit margin. If you are looking for a get rich & cash out quick business, we aren’t it. We get it and wish you luck in your search.


If you are inspired by the change you see when people finaly connect with their possibilities, then we are ready to help YOU succeed. We want a partner, not just a franchise sale.

Still Reading? Great! Here are some details about how it works.

We will use the owner/manager model for our next location business with this model you get to save yourself from years of mistakes and benefit from our years of experience and success …

Owner/Manager Model

  • You: Provide 100% start up costs; 49% ownership – no franchise fee.
  • CycleYOU: 51% ownership – We help pick location, create location design, help implement design and lease. We hire, train and manage staff and Motivators. We take all responsibility for day to day operations and success. You as a part owner help promote CycleYOU in your community and own 49% percent of the business. As part owner you can decide how little or how much you want to be involved. We provide and maintain guidelines, systems, training, procedures manual, marketing, ongoing training, consultation. You share in the 49% revenue. This model is perfect for someone who wants to ‘own’ a business and participate in it but not have the responsibility for running it.
  • Start-up Costs for a CycleYou will run from $75 – $150,000 depending on size and city.
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Can I visit a CycleYOU®?
We hope you do! Our flagship location is located in beautiful Lexington, KY. We will spend a discovery day with you so you can get a feel of the CycleYOU® Philosophy and Workout!
Can I own more than one CycleYOU©?
Of course! Our development team will work with you to determine how many locations a market service area can accommodate. We also welcome multiple CycleYOU® MSA ownership.
Is a fitness background required to open a CycleYOU© franchise?
No, fitness background required. We are looking for owners with a desire to truly enhance the physical and mental well being of the community. CycleYOU® ownership is not for absentee owners. We are looking for owners who have a presence & history in the community in which they are located.
The Core Principles of CycleYOU®
Be genuine • Be humble • Be fierce • Be unique • Work hard • Listen • Inspire • Be grateful • Give Back