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This Week at CY

New Experiences:
This week at CY

You all have been asking for nutrition advice for a long time…A Healthy Passion just may be the answer for YOU! They are a healthy meal planning company located in Lexington who deliver fresh and local meals that require minimal prep time. This food is fresh, heathy and especially tasty. Learn more Saturday June 24th from 8am-11am here at CycleYOU. There will be giveaways, and tons of info! Discover the key to becoming the healthiest you! Discover your healthy passion!
THERE IS STILL TIME TO JOIN! You can jump in and catch up on week two, Friday the 23rd @6pm! LIMITED SPOTS LEFT so hurry and sign up! Learn a super fun & funky dance to the song Shape of You by Ed Sheeran! 5 weeks left Every Friday @6pm. June 16th- July 21st. Jason is an incredibly talented and experienced singer, dancer and coach.

 Link to bio: Get to know Jason!

Link to sign up:  Join Funky & Fit now!

We are so proud of you all! Keep recording those miles! Win prizes, and better yo’self! Each week we post our winners. Check em’ out in promotions and challenges 🙂
 OMG! We have the coolest clients… Reina Slaymaker the modern day pioneer!! She explored some of mother natures most astonishing sights, and was so generous to share her amazing experiences with us! She ventured through several places in Ecuador and had an experience of a lifetime. From exploring hidden waterfalls, to bathing in hot springs, to steep rock climbing!!! She ventured through several places in Ecuador and had an experience of a lifetime. click the link below for her full story! It’s is absolutely mind blowing to read. We love the spectacular things our clients get to accomplish! Email us your experience and we just might feature you 🙂 
Reina explores Ecuador:
 Upcoming Stuff…
NEXT CY 75 is July 2nd! Sign up and Survive 75 y’all!
New PIYO class! Like CycleYOU? Like Fusion? YOU MUST TRY PIYO! 6 week long class starting July 11th @6pm. This is yoga and pilates inspired… turned up to the beat! Piyo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. It’s athletic power yoga y’all, not meditative yoga… Come out and get long, lean and defined!
Link to sign up: Try PiYo!
Link to Motivator Bio: Get to know Mary Beth!
July 4th Schedule: 
10am CY
11am CY
10:30am TRX & Stretch 
Bounce to Beat class coming this fall! This is a fierce and fun class on mini trampolines!!! YES MINI TRAMPOLINES. Youtube “Bounce rebounder trampoline class” and discover what everyone is raving about!
Tired of working a 9-5 job?? Or maybe you just graduated and don’t ever want to go there… How would you love to wear workout gear everyday for work?? Well good news!!! We are hiring a full time assistant manager in training and it could be YOU! Work with people who are happy to be here… help people be the BEST version of themselves.
Full time – Benefits – Become a Motivator – Be trained to be a manager!
Email for more details about the position.

Promotions & Challenges 

You LOVE it , We LOVE it
Here are the deets!
2017 Summer Sweat Miles Challenge
June 1st- August 31st
JUNE 11th-JUNE 17th Winners ARE…..CONGRATS!
Sara Bargeron 124.8 15 CY$ + Peggy’s Giftcard
Maddie Booher 123.1 10CY$ + Ponya Band
Susan Davis 120 10CY$ + Ponya Band
Lindsay Boggs 104.8 10CY$ + Ponya Band
Mason Kessinger 102.8 10CY$+ Peggy’s Giftcard
Hannah Brady 102.4 5CY$
Stephanie Smith 94.9 5CY$
Christa Pollock 87.5 5CY$
Cathy Pennington 87.3 5CY$
Katie Parrish 84.7 5CY$
Chad Bruce 82.3 5CY$
Charlotte Kessinger 81.3 5CY$
Erin Hathaway 79.8 5CY$
Lisa Oberst 79 5CY$
Caitlin Courtney 78.8 5CY$
Mckenna Slone 78.2 5CY$
Molly Colebrook 78 5CY$
Kara Yates 73.9 5CY$
Nicole Tarpoff 72 5CY$
Amy Willis 70.8 5CY$
Caroline Keating 70.2 5CY$
Harry Hazelwood 69.7 5CY$
Lizabeth Arena 69.2 5CY$
Anne Harris 69.1 5CY$
Michelle Caudill 68.2 5CY$
It’s so simple….
You ride, record your miles after class & you WIN! 
Everyone over 500 miles by the end of the challenge WINS CY Dollars for classes or CY Merch!
We are rock’n out weekly prizes and monthly prizes… Weeks go Sunday-Saturday! First Winners to be announced June 11th!
Come on… rise to the the challenge, you know you can!
What’s New…

This year we’ve introduced FIT & Box 2 Beat miles! So EVERY class you take counts!

BIG thanks to all of our sponsors!
Click here for Coeur!
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Class Mileage:
Fusion Cardio – 21
Fusion – 15
Barre 45 min – 15
Barre 55 min – 21
TRX Power – 15
TRX Cardio 21
20/20/20 – 21
Box 2 Beat – 15
We challenge you to be the best YOU can be!  
Mind Body Spirit! Soar! 
CY Out!



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