It's About A Better You It's About A Better You We want you to feel good about yourself. The hard work and dedication is all about you.
The Best Equipment We take pride in offering you the best. Because you are the best. The Best Equipment
Sneak Peak inside CycleYOU Sneak peak inside a CycleYOU class!

CycleYOU is much more than indoor cycling. 

It’s a TOTAL body workout on a bike!

Music to move you! Core work to tone you! 

An environment to help you zone out and tune in to the authentic you!

You come for your BODY, you stay for your MIND! 

CycleYOU also offers Yoga, Box2Beat & TRX Strength Training Classes too!


About Us

Thoughts that make you go hmmm….
“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy”

  This week at CycleYOU:

Box2Beat classes are rock’n! Mix them in with your CycleYOU for the Ultimate Total Body Work!

CY Holiday Gift Certificate Sale Update…
5/$50 still available! 
Remember you can buy these for someone of have them bought for you. 
SALE Prices on CY riding shorts , shoes and much more extended to Christmas Eve!
Classes are filling up! 
-We are adding a Monday 5:30 -45 minute class starting next Monday the 15th!
- Make sure you know our Early Cancel Policy - at least two hours prior to class to avoid late charges!
- Running late? Call us to put a towel on your bike and make sure we don’t give it away five minutes before class.
- PARKING… After five its open parking, but we ask you kindly NOT to double park in front of other cars next door or to park in No parking zones. Thanks for your help!
- FREE til’ 5pm School’s Out Promotion. All winter if any High School or Middle school closes your kids ages 11-18 can take any class before 5pm for FREE!  Great way to get out of the house! 
- Students 11 and up always get 10/$100 and can ALWAYS take any 45 minute class for $10 walk in!

Black Friday Product Deals extended!!

We are going to keep the sale prices til’ Christmas! Cycle Shorts, shoes and more! Great Gifts!

 Weekly Schedule:


CY 5:30pm – 45 min & 6:30pm – 60 min

Yoga 5:30pm – 45 min

TRX 6:30pm – 45 min



CY 5:30pm – 45 min & 6:30pm – 60 min

TRX 5:30pm 45 min

Box2Beat – 6:30pm 45 min


CY 5:30pm – 45 min & 6:30pm 60 min

YOGA 5:30pm – 45 min

TRX 6:30pm



CY 5:30pm 45 min & 6:30pm 60 min

TRX 5:30pm – 45 min

Box2Beat  6:30pm – 60 min



6pm – TGIF PARTY RIDE  45min


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Instagram: cycleyou_lex

Twitter: @cycleyou_lex


Miracles & Miles Weekly Update!
Congratulations to the following CY clients who reached 75 miles between Friday 12/6 – Friday 12/12!
Your CY $ have been added on your account. Check our website to see your current miles total! Anyone who gets to 400 before New Year’s Day WINS!!!
Connie Bishop 133.5
Brooke Harland 130.8
Julie Youkilis 127.3
Carol Gardner 119.5
Gabrielle Bredin 111.4
Jennifer Merkel 95.5
Angel Denton 95.1
Marianne Ramsey 85
Abbie Loynachan 81.8
Anne Harris 81.3
Katherine Blake 81.2
Debbie Smith 80.3
Lucy Garnder 76.3

The MILES Challenge:

Cycle 75 miles per week (Friday – Friday) 

Overall goal for the 5-week period is 400 miles! 

75 Miles each week =$10CY

400 Miles = $15CY

The MIRACLES Challenge:

For every item (set of gloves, coat, hat or toy) you bring in, you will receive a CY dollar!

We will have 2 bins! 
- Coats/Gloves/Hats for adults and kids
- Toys for all ages!

We will have top ten overall ‘donation’ winners.

Overall top ten ‘miles’ winners and combined overall male and female winners. 

     Prizes from…

shelia bayes athelta logo

buffalo trace


See where you stand in the Miracle and Miles Challenge!


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320 North Ashland Avenue – Lexington, Kentucky 40502 – Phone: 859.455.3384

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