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Hey CY Nation! Give yourself the time to relax and be healthy. Find something you love and mentally crave. Try a class you haven’t 🙂 First class free! 
Thoughts that make you go hmmm…
“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” – St. Jerome 
This Week at CY
-TRX on Thursdays moves to 6pm instead of 5:30pm. 
-Sign up TODAY for one of 4 New Year New Fuel plans! Details below. 

A Chance to Dance Ride: Saturday, January 21st This is an incredible organization started by UK student Jenna Lyon who provides dance classes at Barbara Ann’s School of Dance for people with special needs. Only $15! All money goes directly to A Chance to Dance. 

Important Info!
-High Schoolers: Snow day or off school during the week? Come in before 5pm and you can take a CycleYOU class for FREE! (Must call to sign up)
-First Time Riders: $50 off package or membership if bought same day as first class.
-College Students: Monthly unlimited $99/mo (6mo. commitment can freeze 1 month)
 *Starts Feb. 14th*
-LoveYOU Challenge ends Feb. 29. Each time you attend a class (CY, TRX, Yoga, Box2Beat, or FIT) it’s an opportunity to fill out a loveYOU card. Just write one thing love about you. Pin those cards on the wall outside CY. Each week we will take then down, you will get a CY$ for every card, we will draw ten weekly winners randomly from the group!


noelle_franchising  By Founder Noelle Dick

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Promotions & Challenges 

  • NEW YEAR NEW FUEL FOR YOU! Sign up now! Starts February 1st. 

     For years you all have asked for nutrition help… We wanted to do it right. CY has lined up four nutrition professionals to guide you through finding the right fuel plan for you. 
    Here’s how it’s going to work: 
    Starting January 16th you will be able to sign up for one of our 4 Fuel plans: *These will be tweaked and filled designed by sign up time. There are limited spots to 20 per plan. So sign up early! Details on plans will be located in the CY Lounge. First Team meetings will be Saturday 28th at Noon at CycleYOU.
    – Based on USDA Guidelines
    – Vegetarian
    – Special needs- For people dealing with health concerns. 
    – CR/Keto/Paleo/whole 30
    Each plan will be lead by a professional coach and will last 21 days. During that time you will keep a food journal using My fitness pal and be in contact via email with your coach. You will meet Saturdays at Noon to discuss the week and make any tweaks.  
    Cost: $50 per 21 Day Session. You will sign up and pay for the session only through CY. There will be two sessions February 1st through 21st & March 1st -21st. So if you want to try two different plans you can! 
    * Private assessments will be available with Jennifer Ersnt before we start the sessions at $45 for 30 minutes to help you decide which plan you want to start with. 
    You can book those directly with her at Jennifer Ernst Private Counsel Session.
    We will also be offering a Genetic Swab testing kit for $150 at your first meeting. This swab will not only tell you what nutrition issues you may be predisposed to, but also how your current nutrition plan is effecting you. We will post info about the plans and our 4 team coaches in the lounge of CY! Nutrition is FUEL. We want to help you find a Fuel plan that is a lifestyle. A fuel plan that helps you be the best version of you; more energy, more lean muscle, more healthy everything & something you can maintain for the rest of your life!
    Any questions? Email Noelle Here

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