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This week at CY
50% OFF!  Save yourself some money and get a pair while they’re on sale! Limited sizes left.
Womens: 4.5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 8.5, 10.5. 
Mens: 15, 15.5. 
NEW upcoming Classes starting Monday, August 21st! 
CycleYOU Fast n’ Fierce: Monday/Wednesday 5:15pm We know it is hard for many of you to get here by 5pm… so we wanted to create a class to give you an extra 15 min to make it to class! CY Fast n’ Fierce starts at 5:15 and will be a very intense 30 min ride with no arms and some core work integrated in … Its cardio Intense!
CyclePUMP: Monday /Wednesday 7pm & Wednesday 4pm. You have been asking for this class for a long time and it is finally here!!! CyclePUMP is 20 minutes of cycling in the CycleYOU studio and 25 min of strength (Arms/Core Concentrated) training in the Fierce studio!
This is YOUR home. So we want to know what you think about these changes. We are always listening and trying to create a schedule that gives you lots of options. We will try this for the Fall on a trial basis. So let us know what you think!
Labor Day Weekend Schedule:
  • Saturday, September 2nd – we will close at 11:00 with a special schedule.
  • Sunday, September 3rd – we will close at 2:00 with a special schedule.
  • Closed on Labor Day Monday!

Promotions & Challenges 

You LOVE it , We LOVE it
Here are the deets!
2017 Summer Sweat Miles Challenge
June 1st- August 31st
August 6th –  12th WEEKLY WINNERS ARE….
Lindsay Boggs 178 15 CY$ + $20 House GC
Laura Sheeran 137.1 10 CY$ + $13.50 Quotable Bag
Stephanie Smith 133.5 10CY$ + $13.50 Quotable Bag
Megan Franken 128.6 10CY$ + Rodan fields Gift Bag
Sara Bargeron 113.9 10 CY$ + $10 Peggy’s GC
Madelyn Twyman 108 5 CY$
Faith Gauthier 107.7 5 CY$
Anne Harris 103.6 5 CY$
Katherine Phillippi 100 5 CY$
Mindy Ross 99 5 CY$
Cathy Pennington 96.2 5 CY$
Stefanie Strinko 94.6 5 CY$
Claire Stemen 93.1 5 CY$
Caroline Keating 87 5 CY$
Dara Talbott 81.4 5 CY$
Kelly Ball 78.1 5 CY$
Kristen Gardner 78 5 CY$
Chad Bruce 76.1 5 CY$
Rachel Gillispie 75.8 5 CY$
Jane Fields 72 5 CY$
Julie Thornhill 71 5 CY$
Elizabeth Hawse 70.8 5 CY$
Abbie Loynachan 67.5 5 CY$
Whitney Elswick 63.7 5 CY$
Jason Mitchell 63 5 CY$
Kathryn Schick 63 5 CY$


It’s so simple….
You ride, record your miles after class & you WIN! 
Everyone over 500 miles by the end of the challenge WINS CY Dollars for classes or CY Merch!
We are rock’n out weekly prizes and monthly prizes… Weeks go Sunday-Saturday! First Winners to be announced June 11th!
Come on… rise to the the challenge, you know you can!
What’s New…

This year we’ve introduced FIT & Box 2 Beat miles! So EVERY class you take counts!

BIG thanks to all of our sponsors!
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Class Mileage:
Fusion Cardio – 21
Fusion – 15
Barre 45 min – 15
Barre 55 min – 21
TRX Power – 15
TRX Cardio 21
20/20/20 – 21
Box 2 Beat – 15
Funky FIT Dance-15
PiYo- 21
We challenge you to be the best YOU can be!  
Mind Body Spirit! Soar! 
CY Out!



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Parking is located behind and to the sides of the building off of Corral St.

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