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  Raving Customer Review: Moo Motion Women’s Cadence Capri w/ light padding  

1.  Being a “big bootie Judy” finding workout leggings that have enough fabric in the back to accommodate my curves is really difficult.  Also with most workout leggings following the trend of having a fairly low rise is also problematic as when you squat, bend over or are seated on a bike, the back waistband pulls down to the point that I am constantly having to pull them up to avoid showing off my “assets”. These capris are fabulous-they don’t creep down in the back no matter how much I bend over, squat, full hover or jump on the bike.

2.  I really like the flat wide elastic in the waistband-it is strong enough to keep the capris pulled up but doesn’t pinch, roll down or twist even with the most active of movements.

3.  I had never worn a cycling short or pant with a pad before trying these capris. The pad is very low profile, soft and flexible so that you don’t feel as if you are wearing a diaper. Also, they shape of the pad as well as the stitching is also very minimal to the point that you can easily wear these capris before and after a class on the street without the strange looks that you might get wearing a traditional cycling short or Capri.

4.  I LOVE the attention to detail with the mesh inserts at the hip. Gives a basic black Capri a little bit of sass.  Would be really cool to see the other versions of the black Capri with the mesh inserts in a variety of colors to add some flair.

5.  The wide elastic band/cuff at the ankle is great and look really good however the seam that attaches the cuff to the leg of the Capri is not as elastic as it should/could be-I find it a bit to tight from an aesthetic perspective-it creates a bit of a sausage like bind that no woman finds flattering.

Overall I say YES YES YES to this Capri and would buy more of them for myself and give them to my friends as well.  Look forward to whatever comes next in their designs. 

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