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   Summer Sweat Miles Challenge  

 Aug 11th – Aug 17th

1 Ashley Lewis 284.3
2 Katherine Stone 258.6
3 Jennifer Carnicelli 238.9
4 Jamie  Bryant 235.3
5 Carol Gardner 219.2
6 Manda McLennan 214.1
7 Meredith Mullican 197.6
8 Julie Youkilis 197.1
9 Mary Henkel 192.2
10 SarahBeth Miller 178.3
11 Julie Thornhill 169.9
12 Abbie Loynachan 166.8
13 Maggie Murphy 158.1
14 Kimberly Campbell 157.7
15 Anne Harris 152.6
16 Sally Edwards 149.3
17 April Morrison 147.2
18 Dawn Barnett 146.3
19 Lisa Hinkle 145.0
20 Gretchen Sund 144.9
21 Lauren Williams 139.9
22 Allison Carter 134.6
23 Allison Herrington 127.7
24 Christie Eckerline 110.7
25 Cary Campbell 107.9

Each month we start over, but cumulative miles will continue for overall winners and for your 500 mile goal! Only 13 days left in the challenge!

Amazing job CycleYOU!! Keep up the great work!

ALWAYS GIVE US YOUR NUMBERS! You CAN reach 500 miles!!! 


 Summer Sweat Miles Challenge Details:

When: June 1st- August 31st  

What: Weekly winners! Monthly winners! Prizes! Bragging rights!

* Anyone who gets 500 miles will receive $25 CY!

* More miles means more CY $$

Why: Ride for the prizes! Ride because CycleYOU rocks! Ride so you can brag to all your friends! But most importantly, ride because you deserve to be the best that you can be!

Monthly & Overall Totals


CycleYOU is much more than indoor cycling. 

It’s a Total Body workout on a bike. Music to move you. Core work to tone you. Environment to help you zone out and tune in to the authentic you!

You come for your BODY, You stay for Your MIND!

CycleYOU has Yoga and TRX Strength Training Classes too!




Inner Calm



  • Tue/Thurs 7am with Michael

  • Mon/Wed 7:20-8:00 pm with Aurora!

  • Sunday at 11 am 

We want to hear from YOU! Want times would work for Yoga? Email

TRX Strength Training 

5 classes per week!
5 classes per week!

  • Tue/Thur Noon-12:45

  • Tue/Thur 4:30-5:15 pm & 5:30-6:15 pm

  • Wed 6:00 am 


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