It's About A Better You It's About A Better You We want you to feel good about yourself. The hard work and dedication is all about you.
The Best Equipment We take pride in offering you the best. Because you are the best. The Best Equipment
Founder Noelle Dick On Cycling Click play and see what a cycle class is like with Noelle Dick!

Just imagine working out in what feels like a spa.
An incredible sound system, candlelight, and music to get your heart pumping while you ride.

You work your abs, your legs, your arms, and you walk out feeling stronger, energized, and refreshed. You’re more inspired about who you are and know that you can accomplish more than you ever have.
You can’t wait to come back. It’s the fastest 50 minutes you’ve given solely to yourself. 



Saturday morning- APRIL 19TH: 

8 AM CLASS ADDED! With Noelle!

9:15 AM! With Molly!

11:30 AM! With Brandy!

Saturday, April 19 @ 1:00 pm

Hybrid Martial Arts— right around the corner from CycleYOU on NATIONAL!!!

Women’s Safety class! Learn basic defense moves with a fun, rowdy group!!!

Sign up on MindBody THIS WEEK!

Make sure to sign up early and reserve your spot!




February 15 – April 26, 2014

THIS WEEK’S 10 RANDOM WINNERS! Winners will receive $10 CY!!

 - Stephanie Huddleston

- Marci Franklin

- Tiffany Dail

- Emmie Bowlby

- Michelle Leemhius

- Liz Toombs

- Carol Garndner

- Kaitlyn Colberg

- Anne Archer Hinkle

- Ali Wright

CYCLEYOU! There is only ONE WEEK LEFT FOR THIS CHALLENGE! Make some amazing choices this week! Be brave! Be strong! Set new goals and challenge yourself to make those changes!!! WE love YOU! Let YOU love YOU!!!!


The Challenge…

This 10 week challenge is more than mileage, more than being physical, it’s about changing how you see yourself, inside and out! I know BIG goal right? Well At CycleYOU we dream BIG. This challenge is about the CycleYOU mission, exercise as a fun, happy part of your life that helps you be your best mental and physical self.  

 Each week, you will focus on a mind, body, and soul goal!

Grab a Mind, Body, Soul Card, no matter what day the week it is, write out simple goals, and post it on the CycleYOU garage wall for all to see!

Mind- What can you do this week to be more positive, more at peace, more mindful and in the moment

Mouth – Nutrition goal – keep it simple (we will have samples and tips for you to use) 

Body- How many times are you going to move this week

Sou l- Write down one thing positive about yourself you already love.  

Tape the card to the Garage wall in the CY room!

          *** It doesn’t matter what day! You have Monday-Sunday to put it up!

Each Sunday after the last class, we will collect the cards. For every card you fill out you get $5 CY & that card goes into a weekly drawing for prizes!

On April 26th we will CELEBRATE!!! 2-5pm at CY. Fun, food, drinks and drawings for the BIG prizes! So the more cards you fill out, the better chance you have at winning one of the big prizes! 10 cards? 10 chances. You can also look back at your goals to see what you accomplished and be proud. 

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