It's About A Better You It's About A Better You We want you to feel good about yourself. The hard work and dedication is all about you.
The Best Equipment We take pride in offering you the best. Because you are the best. The Best Equipment
Get Fit at CycleYOU!

CycleYOU is much more than indoor cycling. 

It’s a TOTAL body workout on a bike!

Music to move you | Core work to tone you

An environment to help you zone out and tune in to the authentic you! 

Come for your BODY | Stay for your MIND 



What’s Happening This Week? 

Thoughts that make you go hmmm…

“You are always stronger than you think you are”

This week at CycleYOU

Spring Class Time Changes: 

Yoga Monday & Wednesday classes will move from 5:30am to 8am
Yoga Sunday moves from 5pm to 4pm

Saturday Time Changes:

8:30am – now 45 min

9:15am moves to 9:30am

11am same

Sunday new class time at 3pm – 45min 

This is a GREAT time to bring in lots of NEW people! Fill out those inspiration cards for your FREE classes!

 Upcoming Events…

3/29 Sunday 2:30pm-4pm ay CY Peak Performance Talk “Performance Hydration, Why not all sports drinks are the same” By Dr Scott Balck and Sean Sasko of SWORD

Motivator Certification Course 

Do you think you have what it takes to change people’s lives with your motivating, enthusiastic energy and loving attitude? Becoming a CY Motivator is a big commitment, but it can change your life, too.

Saturday April 25th 9am-2pm, Sunday April 26th 3pm-6pm, Saturday May 9th noon-4pm, & Sunday May 10th 3pm-6pm. There is no charge for the course! You must be able to attend all course times. There will be additional training and teaching times added. CY is looking for ENERGY & LOVE!  To register, email You must be at least 20 years old.


  •  Our 10 Spots in front of SBR/CY – all times – all days

  • Parking at our entire building 316 – 322 front and side is community parking after 5pm and before 8am
  • Street Parking on Ashland (even in front of 309- but we ask you to try to stay out of those spots in respect to the retail businesses from 10am – 5pm)
  • Street Parking on National and Aurora
  • Do NOT park in the lot across the street at any time. It is reserved for the businesses in 309
  • Do NOT park on street under “No Parking” signs- you will get ticketed

 CycleYOU is HIRING!

We are looking for energetic men and women who have an interest in exercise. Preferably 20 years or older. Those with college degrees relating to fitness, retail experience and those with interests in running, cycling or swimming will be considered first. Must be able to commit to a full year on staff and must be able to work 10-15 hours per week including early mornings, Mon/Wed evenings and weekends. Please submit your resume

 LoveYOU challenge FINAL WEEK!

Challenge Dates: Saturday 2/14/15 through Sunday 3/29/15 

 And the weekly winners are…. 

Mindy Allen, Katherine Wade, Pat Queen, Sarah Wells, Kylia Tolliver, Kim Campbell, Danielle Reilly, Samantha Robbins, & John Ghaelian. Congrats! Prizes will be available for pick up by Friday 3/28.

 Your $ will be added to your current CY $ totals. 

Click here for LoveYOU totals through March 22nd

Transformation. Inspiration. Michelle’s Story

I joined a gym for a short time. I wanted to get in shape but didn’t last long because I didn’t find it fun and it was intimidating. My cousins had been trying to get me to try CycleYou and after making up many excuses why I didn’t want to go, I decided “Why not?”

I stuck with it and have lost 20lbs. Now I enjoy exercising with CycleYou to the point that I’m disappointed when I have to miss a class. I have much more self confidence with my body and have a much more positive attitude thanks to the great instructors at CycleYou! With a little motivation and hard work, you can too! At first I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I kept trying to do my best. 

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