Halloween at CycleYOU! Halloween at CycleYOU! Halloween is almost here! Come out and get spooky with CY on October 31st! There will be costume prizes and themed rides. We will have a photo booth during the rides!
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   Way to go CATS! 

Thoughts that make you go hmmm…
I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson
COMING up at CY….
  • Halloween is almost here! Come out and get spooky with CY on October 31st! There will be costume prizes and themed rides. We will have a photo booth during the rides!! Joke for you… Why did the skeleton skip his workout? His heart wasn’t in it!!! bahhhh hahhahaha. Get it?
  • Tuesday evenings are 2 for 2! Don’t know what it means? Kelly and Noelle give prizes!!! Check it out! 
  • Feeling a little 80’s, maybe 90’s is your jam? Get’ em all on our Throwback Thursday night rides, 5:30p & 6:30p. We mix in the best of 3 decades with today’s hits for a workout that will transport your soul! 

-CYi Keeneland Pic FB Challenge Winner: 

Congratulations to Leslie Pedigo for being one of our CY Keenland challenge winners! Come to the front desk to get your prize:) This Saturday the 29th is the last day of the contest! Take a picture at Keeneland, make a “C” and a “Y” with your fingers and post on Facebook! 
Meet Your Motivator:
             Hey y’all, Eli here presenting you another extraordinary motivator! Meet Claire… See Claire Skydive. See Claire hike the canyons. See Claire walk in the the dessert. This young whippersnapper has packed a lot in her short years. That is why she is a GREAT motivator. Claire not only teaches at Winburn Middle School but she volunteers every chance she gets at her church. Passion is her favorite word. Her passion fuel is helping people know their true worth and know they are loved. Oh, by the way, have you heard her laugh? It’s a true MOMENT especially when she tells corny jokes. Don’t worry, if you fall off of your bike she will laugh with you AFTER she helps you up and makes sure you’re okay. Jk…
Some fun Claire facts: She eats more than a grown man, she quilts (really?!?!), and she loves to throw dance parties (we could’ve guessed with her rhythm). 
Love NEW music? You will always leave Claire’s class with a new favorite song. Claire is the youngest daughter, but her old soul comes from helping those around her. Her fam is so tight they have a group text named #bradleyswag. #wethinkthatiscool.
Catch CLAIRE BRADLEY… CY: Wednesdays 6am & BOX2BEAT Saturdays/Sundays. 
Upcoming events:
-Thursday November 3rd: Go Red Ride with Noelle @ 6:30.
-Friday November 4th: Lexington go Red Experience @ the convention center from 9am – 1pm.
-Saturday November 12th: City Skinny Lex.



Please use the lot located behind the building or side (off Corral St.) There are 7 spots in the front (on Midland Ave.) MUST have white lines on both sides of your vehicle and compact cars ONLY! Corral is a ONE WAY street, please DON’T go the wrong way! Thank YOU!



noelle_franchising  By Founder Noelle Dick

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Parking is located behind and to the sides of the building off of Corral St.

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