It's About A Better You It's About A Better You We want you to feel good about yourself. The hard work and dedication is all about you.
The Best Equipment We take pride in offering you the best. Because you are the best. The Best Equipment
Sneak Peak inside CycleYOU Sneak peak inside a CycleYOU class!

CycleYOU is much more than indoor cycling. 

It’s a TOTAL body workout on a bike!

Music to move you! Core work to tone you! 

An environment to help you zone out and tune in to the authentic you!

You come for your BODY, you stay for your MIND! 

CycleYOU also offers Yoga, Box2Beat & TRX Strength Training Classes too!


About Us


Week of January 26th:

 Wednesday 6:30pm Noelle will be rocking the 70’s 

 TGIF Ride Friday Night will be best of the club JAMS!


SBR/CY has always been a place to nurture great talent.  When we hire great people at the beginning of their careers we hope to keep them as long as we can but know we are a stepping stone to bigger things. 
It is with gratitude and sadness Sam and I announce the departure of our assistant manager Ian Baker. We have watched Ian grow and we have appreciated all Ian has done to help our growth. Thank You Ian! We are excited for him as he takes a new job for a logistics company outside of the retail/fitness world and moves forward his career. Ian’s last day will be the 31st. 
Hello Everyone,


I want to sincerely thank each and everyone of you for the time we have spent together. I regret to inform everyone that my time here at Swim Bike Run & CycleYOU has come to a close. I have accepted a job offer and will begin a new chapter in my life. My last day will be on the 31st of JanuaryI know my time here was well spent and its very hard to leave all the great people I have come to know as my friends. I have learned so much since I first walked through the doors here and I hope I have connected with everyone in some way. The best part of my day has always been having great conversations with our customers. If I could leave you with a final thought it would be to keep moving and never stop learning. These two things have helped me to pursue my goals and continue to improve. 
I wish everyone the best of luck for the future and I know this will not be the last time I visit. 
Ian Baker

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Kai Blankenship to Manager. Kai will work hard to make sure you continue to receive the service you have come to expect & find ways to improve it. Her attention to detail & communication will help you with all your CycleYOU needs.  Kai will be directing the staff, ordering and coordinating services. 



First let me say how sorry I am for all of the confusion. We are working with the Walker’s to get some signage up to help. We also clarified where you CAN park:

  •  Our 10 Spots in front of SBR/CY – all times – all days

  • Parking at our entire building 316 – 322 front and side is community parking after 5pm and before 8am.  

  • Street Parking on Ashland (even in front of 309- but we ask you to try to stay out of those spots in respect to the retail businesses from 10am – 5pm)

  • Street Parking on National and Aurora

  • Do NOT park in the lot across the street at any time. It is reserved for the businesses in 309.

FREE til’ 5pm School’s Out PromotionAll winter if any High School or Middle school closes your kids ages 11-18 can take any class before 5pm for FREE!  Great way to get out of the house!  Students 11 and up always get 10/$100 and can ALWAYS take any 45 minute class for $10 walk in!


Introducing Jennifer Ernst! She will be taking over for Aurora. (Aurora is expecting!!) Jennifer has a great following and is well-known in our community for her Yoga classes. We are happy to have her!

Due to her schedule, we will be moving the Sunday class from 11am to 5pm beginning January 4th! All other class times stay the same! Welcome Jennifer!!!!

- Make sure you know our Early Cancel Policy - at least two hours prior to class to avoid late charges!

- Running late? Call us to put a towel on your bike and make sure we don’t give it away five minutes before class.


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Instagram: cycleyou_lex

Twitter: @cycleyou_lex

Its the loveYOU Challenge!
2/14/15 through 3/29/15
It’s super simple. Each time you attend a class (CY, TRX, Yoga or Box2Beat) it’s s an opportunity to fill out a loveYOU card. Just write one thing you love about you. Pin those cards on the walls. Each week we will take them down, you will get a CY$ for every card, we will draw ten weekly winners randomly from the group!! 
We are excited to announce this will be the first challenge we will offer a NUTRITION plan! 80% of losing or maintaining weight is what you eat. 
Certified Nutrition Coach Lori Wood will be creating a nutrition plan for CY loveYOU Challenge participants for FREE. Just pick one up when we start! She will be taking into account your CY workouts.
Want a nutrition plan during this challenge just for YOU? Lori is offering a very SPECIAL price for the the loveYOU challenge…
For $180 you will get 2 Bod Pod assessments, 15 min weekly food log assessments, weekly weigh-in, a six week customized food plan & email/text encouragement. If you want this kind of customized attention please contact Lori today to schedule your initial visit. She will be taking appointments for the loveYOU challenge participants now through the 6th and then starting again after the 14th. So if you want to get in before the challenge starts contact her now! Reach Lori at the following link: loveYOU Customized $180 Nutrition Plan appointment


Thanks to all who participated in the Miracles & Miles Challenge!!

  Please remember all CY $ have to be used before May 31st. You can use up to $50 CY per pkg and $30 per monthly membership! Way to go CycleYOU Nation!

Final Miles List!

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320 North Ashland Avenue – Lexington, Kentucky 40502 – Phone: 859.455.3384

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