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This Week at CycleYOU

Learn to know your surroundings and how protect yourself.

Self Defense Class Saturday August 6th , 11:30am  

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Thoughts that make you go hmmm…
Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today…James Dean
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 This Week at CycleYOU
Change your motivator game this week while summer vacations finish up…
Motivator Changes this week…
Sunday: 9am CY Mary Catherine & 1pm CY Stephanie
Tuesday: 5:30pmCY Shelley & 6:30pm CY Kai
Wednesday: 6a CY Whitney & 6:30pm CY Kai
Friday: 6am CY Lauren
Summer Miles Challenge 
Last week of add a Class Month!
July 5th -30th All Fit and B2B classes will be worth 15 Miles a class! 
No need to do anything! We will take the roosters and add the miles, so make sure you sign in!


You all are rocking it!!!  So proud of our CY Nation!!! Keep the VIBE Going! 
A Big Thanks to Our Summer Sweat Miles Sponsors 



Please use the lot located behind the building or side (off Corral St.) There are 7 spots in the front (on Midland Ave.) MUST have white lines on both sides of your vehicle and compact cars ONLY! Corral is a ONE WAY street, please DON’T go the wrong way! Thank YOU!



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Promotions & Challenges

Summer Miles Challenge 
  • This year for CycleYOU & Multisport
  • Record miles after every ride on sheets provided
  • We’ll keep track and give awards for weekly, monthly, & overall winners!
  • Weeks go Sunday-Saturday. 
  • JULY Is add a Class Month!
    July 5th -30th All Fit and B2B classes will be worth 15 Miles a class! 
    No need to do anything! We will take the roosters and add the miles, so make sure you sign in!
You all are Rock’n! – Come collect your bounty!
July 17th-July 23rd Weekly Winners
1 Connie Bishop 143.3 $15 CY+ Sala Gift Bag
2 Maddie Booher 140.4 $10 CY + Maddio's Giftcard
3 Julie Youkilis 107.4 $10CY+ Maddio's Giftcard
4 Tiffany Fain 96.8 $10CY + Maddio's Giftcard
5 Jason Mitchell 93.3 $10CY + Jimmy John's Giftcard
6 Mary Beth Naumann 90.35 $5 CY
7 Whitney Elswick 88.8 $5 CY
8 Lauren Jackson 88.5 $5 CY
9 Maggie Murphy 83.6 $5 CY
10 Kara Yates 82.6 $5 CY
11 Laura Landry 82.1 $5 CY
12 Lindsey Phelps 75.4 $5 CY
13 Elizabeth Case 74.8 $5 CY
14 Erica Millay 74.5 $5 CY
15 Amy Carrillo 73.1 $5 CY
16 Laura Justice 71.5 $5 CY
17 Manson Kessinger 71.5 $5 CY
18 Libby McCarty 71.2 $5 CY
19 Julie Thornhill 70.7 $5 CY
20 Kristen Gardner 69.9 $5 CY
21 Elaine Lacson 69.4 $5 CY
22 Jemma Kaluski 68.6 $5 CY
23 Mary Henkel 64.2 $5 CY
24 Barbie Pickett 62.4 $5 CY
25 Meredith Schuh 60.5 $5 CY

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Parking is located behind and to the sides of the building off of Corral St.

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