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cyclingTrying an indoor cycling class for the first time? Good choice. You are making a commitment to a healthier, more energized life. Studies show that a moderately intense indoor spin class three times per week stimulates dopamine production, boosts energy levels by about 30%, and decreases fatigue by up to 65%.

But what should you know for your first class?

Your CycleYOU Motivator will explain the basics, but the following tips can help get you started on your cycling journey.

  1. Get ready to sweat
    Spin classes are sweaty, so be sure to dress for an intense workout. Wear moisture-wicking workout clothing and good news, CycleYOU will provide a towel for you. Most importantly, bring plenty of water. You’re going to need it.
  2. Make sure you get a proper bike fit
    At CycleYOU we specifically train our Concierge staff to fit you to the bike before class, making sure we have accommodated any injuries or issues. We then write those fit measurements down so you can reference them for your next class. Always give yourself 15 -20 minutes before your first class so this fitting process isn’t rushed. When your seat and handlebars are at the correct height, you can keep your body in alignment during the class. This will help prevent injury, particularly in your knees. Your instructor can show you how to fit your bike properly for your next class.
  3. Listen to your CY Motivator
    Some people may be tempted to create their own workout during the class, but there is a reason the Motivator is there. As with a yoga class or other type of group fitness session, the Cy Motivator will lead the class with purpose. It’s their job to warm you up, challenge you, and cool you down. Trust their process.
  4. Make adjustments as needed
    Your Motivator will tell you to turn your resistance up and down, and while you should do so, be sure to keep your ability in mind. For your first class, you might not choose to turn your knob as high as the rest of the class. The iMotivator may also give alternatives to every new challenge, so feel free to try these out.
  5. Push yourself
    You are stronger than you think you are. Don’t be afraid to be out of breath. Your body will thank you later for giving your workout that extra push.

By entering your first cycling class with an open mind and an appetite for a challenge, you can finish the workout feeling stronger and more motivated than ever. Chances are after a short recovery, you’ll be ready for another class. Your bike will be waiting.

yogaIs “try a fitness class” still sitting on your to-do list? If this fitness goal has been waiting dormant for months, your uncertainty about making a change may be getting the best of you. But now is the time to take the leap and become a healthier version of yourself. By finding the right fitness class, you can then find the motivation to commit. After all, showing up is the hardest part.

So, which group exercise option is right for you? This guide will help you match your wellness goals to your ideal fitness class. The truth is though that finding a facility that offers all options in one place is ideal, because research shows us that do a combination of cardio and strength is the quickest and most effective way to get in the best shape for you! Oh, and one more thing make sure you are having fun in each experience. If it’s motivating & fun you are more likely to stick with! Consistency is the key!

Your Goals: Energy, Overall Fitness

Your Class: Cycling

Indoor cycling is a high-energy, fun fitness solution for people of all levels. Through a combination of speed and resistance training, your cycling instructor will get your legs burning with every song. Be ready to sweat and become part of the tight-knit cycling community

Your Goals: Strength, Resilience

Your Class: TRX Training

Known for its intensity and incredible strengthening promises, TRX uses suspension trainers and a variety of other tools to help you reach your fitness goals. This class is generally suited for more advanced exercisers and is a great way to shake up your gym routine.

Your Goals: Toning, Strength

Your Class: Barre

Inspired by ballet, barre classes will tone your entire body and challenge you in new ways. Whether using a bar or fitness balls as a prop, you can expect to work your lower and upper body through a series of challenging exercises. This class also has elements of yoga and pilates, so you will be bending and moving the whole time.

Your Goals: Flexibility, Body Awareness, Less Stress

Your Class: Yoga

Boasting 36.7 million participants in the U.S. alone, yoga classes have taken the wellness industry by storm. A great low-impact option, these classes will improve flexibility, posture, core strength, and body awareness, all while calming you down. Start with a foundations class to learn the basics and watch yourself grow from there.

By joining a group fitness class, you are joining other exercisers like you who are working toward a healthier lifestyle. As you build relationships and see fitness results, you will be sure to come back week after week. Your body and mind will thank you for the commitment.